Case Study Template

202210_215_Case Study Template

About the Client

Section 1: About the Client
What is the full name of the client brand?
What industry are they in, and what is their position within the industry?
Example: Leading health care solutions provider in the Mid-Atlantic region.
What are important details about this client that should be shared?
Do they have multiple locations? How large are they? Etc.
(Assume you have received explicit permission from this client to use their name and logo for this case study?)

Their Challenge

Section 2: Their Challenge
What issue, challenge, or pain point did the client want you to address?
Why did they have this problem?
Was this a new problem or a pre-existing one? Was it a result of market forces or changes within the industry? Or was it an unforeseen consequence of another action?
What were your client’s expected outcomes from working with your team to solve their stated problem?
This answer is critical, as you will circle back to it in section four.
Why did they engage your organization to help?
Were you selected for your expertise? Were they referred to you? Were you selected from several different options? If so, what were the differentiators that made them choose you? If the answer here is not terribly remarkable or relevant to your target persona, you may opt to exclude this detail.

Your Solution

Section 3: Your Solution
How did you approach the challenge?
Did you base your response on experience, or was it a brand new challenge that required you to think outside of the box? What research did you conduct? Who on your team was involved?
How was your client involved in this stage?
Did you collaborate with your client on a strategy? Did you collect feedback to inform what your ultimate solution would look like? Was there pilot or testing phases?
What was the solution?
What did the solution look like? What products or platforms were developed/deployed or used? Why did you make those choices?
(Remember, only include details here that your target persona would care about.)
What was the timeline?
How long did it take to plan/design/develop your solution? How long did take to implement?


Section 4: Results (Hypothetical)
Did your solution solve the client’s stated problem or accomplish their objective(s)?
(See section one.)
What benefits did your client see because of your work immediately?
Increased employee productivity? A better system, platform, or software solution? These can be soft results.
What benefits should your client see because of your work over time?
Increased sales? Reduced turnover? Improved collaboration?
Are there specific KPIs, measurements, statistics, or ROI data you can share that clearly demonstrates the value of the solution/service/strategy you provided?
Please include what each statistic is, as well as over what period it was measured and its relevance to the client’s objective. For example, a 250 percent increase in website traffic over a three-month period.
Which one of those data points would you consider to be the most important? Why?
Finally, would your client agree that you solved their problem or helped them achieve their intended goal?

Critical Stimulus

Section 5: Critical Stimulus
What information on Miro was key to your understanding of the problem case and how and why did it factor into your approach?
(Paste an image from Miro)

Paper Prototype

Section 6: Paper Prototype
You have developed an asset, either logic or visual.
Present the low fidelity format, sketches, or diagrams (flowchart, UML), your first stage of work toward this solution.

Include links to images, tutorials, or inspirational products that guided your design.
Explain how this lo-fi prototype was used to guide the project.

Digital Prototype

Section 7: Digital Prototype
You have made a digital asset that was inspired by the early work of the project.
If you made a visual asset, show the best angles of the asset presented in the Week Four presentation.

Explain why the target player would respond to this asset.
Include a short video of the asset in-game engine.

Digital Prototype (CM Or Mobile)

Section 8: Digital Prototype (Content Marketing or Mobile)
Week seven you were tasked with enhancing your first digital prototype or moving in a new direction.
Show the evolution of your task from notes you received from the client or team to the testable result of your six hours of work.

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