Born in the steamy summer of 01′

Me within a suit

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Ever since I was a rugrat I had always obsessed over art in one way or another. Something abundantly intriguing about art is that it makes you feel something. You feel it inside when something works, when something is appealing or tugs at the strings in your heart. When something resonates with you, it can feel other worldly. When I was younger I would get in trouble for my near addiction to doodling and sketching. It was never with any purpose or driven concept, always based around what I felt. It was never any Picasso type work but it was therapeutic. This is where I can say I began a very deep connection with art, than furthermore design. As a form of expression, it can never cease to make me feel this flow of focus that couldn’t be broken. 

Throughout my life, I would dabble in graphic design throughout the years, until pursuing it more seriously in 2019. The interest was always there as a child, but the confidence wasn’t something I had picked up until my later years. Another passion for myself growing up has always been electronics. More specifically computers, how they operate, the ins and outs, and getting the most out of systems. While I’m far from an expert,  I’ll sometimes spend time working for an electronic repair shop.