Brewed Awakenings is a coffee shop chain local to Rhode Island. They span across five locations throughout the state: one in Cranston, two in
Johnston, one in Warwick and one in Providence. Brewed
Awakenings is not just an average
coffee shop, more like a social hub with exceptional coffee.


My objective was to locate a coffeeshop with the intention to redesign. This coffeeshop needed to have areas of improvement, which is exactly where Brewed Awakenings is. 

Current State

Currently, Brewed Awakenings lacks much
individuality throughout their design. Their logo is quite forgettable, nearly-illegible, and way too
compact for its own good. Tied in with the overall lack of a consistent color palette, BA’s personality is
limited to its experience and a few shades of brown, and is not expressed much throughout its overall


In order to rebrand BA, our team began researching the coffee house’s average user base. Brewed Awakenings appears to target locals specifically, with a broad range of ages going from teens to the elderly. BA also has very minimal social media presence, limiting their image to bitmapped instagram and facebook posts with little to know unity. Their site as well lacked any specific theme, boasting a very dull black and white webpage.

Logo Development


Brewed Awakenings initial logo









brewed awakenings landing page