The Converters

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The Converters

This study was designed with the goal of creating the band logo identity of a new rock band called “The Converters”. This case study will go through the process of creating each of the individual assets compiled into the bands overall visual identity. This comes in the form of two polished logo variations, clothing, and various item mockups in order to visualize the assets. This was completed utilizing time tracking, and a hypothetical rate of $30 an hour in order to practice keeping under a budget while providing responsible time tracking throughout the process of the assignment. The budget cap for this project was set to $650.


The Converters is a blues/rock band enveloped within biker and punk culture. The tone meant to be communicated through the design would be edgy, Biker Style, and even Rock n’ Roll. The band’s audience is a range of people 25-60 that are into classic rock, blues, and biker music.

Problem Statement

The most initial and prominent problem in designing this unified ecosystem of design for The Converters, was the tone that was being approached throughout the design. In the beginning of the process, I threw around a lot of more modern and simplisticly clean designs, things that werent entirely screaming rock n roll, rather house music. This was something I had noticed quickly, and was able to push through, getting more into a mindset of GRUNGE. I began compiling a good amount of reference images in order to further submerge myself into that set of ideas.

Problem Detail

As described, this was fairly easily resolved through further fixation on the objective tone that I was set to make.


The logo development began with a handful of ideas, before setting on the icon of an exclamation point, utilizing blank space within the top portion of the symbol to reveal the bands name. This finalized design would initially be designed in black and white, as I tend to with the beginning of logos; if it isn’t good in black and white, I can’t imagine it being good in color.


After the logo was designed, the mockups came a bit more swimmingly. These were gathered from various sites, but primarily envato, as they have a great selection. The total time it took for the entire package of assets took around 5 hours and 30 minutes to complete at a rate of $30 dollars an hour.